23 March 2012

26 Repeatless 0001: Ten Cell Sateen v005

Repeatless0001_TenCellSateen005a Repeatless0001_TenCellSateen005, Animated gif of Processing code running 200 times
Title: Repeatless 0001: Ten Cell Sateen v005
Size: 200px x 800px (two 200px x 200px section shown)
Method: Processing / Photoshop
This is a new version of the same cellular automata model as posts 23 to 25 (including the rotate of post 25). However, this version looks to model something else as well; how the design would look as if it was coming out of a digital printer.
The code is my first foray into writing code that runs continuously in Processing. It took a while to get the hang of how to do this*. The bit where the image is added ended up being simpler that the previous versions; it is always added in the row at the top of the image and the animation moves it down.
The code runs indefinitely, but saves the first 200 cycles as an image. The images show two runs, each run made into an animated GIF in Photoshop.

*Note to self: You're learning how to do something new. It will be difficult. Other people don't care.

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