16 March 2012

25 Repeatless 0001: Ten Cell Sateen v004

Title: Repeatless 0001: Ten Cell Sateen v004
Size: 800px x 800px (four runs shown)
Method: Processing
A new version of the previous post. This rotates each cell image by a random amount. Sateen repeats (definition at the end of this post) are generally multidirectional*, so this random rotation is intended to create the suggestion that the resulting image could be viewed from any angle.
I've solved the problems with how to handle the rotate described in the last post. Rather than Layers and Free Transforms, I'm now thinking in terms of co-ordinate matrices and stacks...

*A multidirectional repeat is one that works when viewed from any angle – in other words, it has no noticeable top, bottom, left or right. (This is normally achieved by rotating the elements that make up the design to a variety of different angles.) Favoured by cost-conscious manufacturers because pattern blocks can be placed anywhere and at any angle on the fabric – that is, packed together to achieve as little wastage as possible.

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