16 March 2012

24 Repeatless 0001: Ten Cell Sateen v003

Title: Repeatless 0001: Ten Cell Sateen v003
Size: 800px x 800px (four runs shown)
Method: Processing
This is the same basic cellular automata model as the previous two posts (22 and 23), but the code loads a small image (the quartered circle), instead of filling the cell with black. (The colours are taken from an old design of mine.)
The next step is to work out a way of rotating the individual images randomly. My initial attempts to do this don't work and have highlighted the effect that working with a particular bit of software over long periods of time can have. I'm so used to working with Photoshop®, I assume that anything "pasted" into an image will be on it's own new Layer and if it is rotated, it will by default rotate around its centre. Coding in Processing means working with image content in a completely different way; I realise how Photoshop®'s Layers and Free Transform function have entrenched the way I think of moving stuff around.

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