19 March 2011


Title: Patterandom Worn Stripe 002j (left) and Patterandom Worn Spot 002b (right)
Size: (each approx.) 128cm x 128cm
Method: Javascript scripting in Photoshop, digitally printed onto cotton poplin
A couple of photos from the exhibition in the Xuzhou Museum of Art, China, taken in May 2010 showing the digital fabric prints of the designs Patterandom Worn Stripe 002j (left) and Patterandom Worn Spot 002b (right) - thanks to Tongyu Zhou for the photos.


  1. Wow what an interesting project...!!
    Is this the end or do you have any more plans to blog here?

    1. Hello Laura
      Although this blog has been very quiet, a lot has been going on behind the scenes. "Repeatless" has now become a PhD project. I'm very aware that lots of blogs start with fairly regular posts, then have a big gap, then have a post that says "lots more will happen here from now on" that winds up as the final post. However, I am intending to use this blog as a journal for the project (all 6 years of it - yikes). I want to keep the posts about the design work, so once I get past the PhD paperwork stuff, (all together now) "lots more will happen here..."
      Thanks for your interest,