5 November 2010


Title: Patterandom Stripe Spot Mix 001
Size: 8200px x 8200px
Method: Javascript scripting in Photoshop
A more considered version of the experiment initially run in the previous post.This time, there's a new bit of code that mixes Photoshop Actions. In turn, these run other modular bits of code for the Spot and Stripe Patterandom scripts. The code stopped every 20 new Layers (10 stripes, 10 spots) and I altered the boundaries within which the patterns could be randomly scaled. This was done sequentially at first and then in response to how the design looked in order to try and get a balance between large and small scale pattern. As with the previous post, this means a result that is not truly generative. I'd like to look at how decisions about when to stop or alter things are made in more detail as this project unfolds. I have a vague idea for a manifesto of some sort that says the final designs have to look good. However interesting the code is that creates them, it's not interesting enough if the results aren't beautiful.
I've animated how the image was created, based around 16 points at which the code stopped running and I decided whether to continue or not. Nearly stopped where this starts...

3 November 2010


Title: Patterandom Worn Spot 003d
Size: 8200px x 8200px
Method: Javascript scripting in Photoshop
A quick experiment at mixing the Spot and Stripe Patterandom scripts. The image started off completely generatively, with about 200 runs of the Spot code. Ten runs of the Stripe and Spot code were then alternated, with a bit of tweaking of the pattern sizes on the way, reacting visually to what was there before (which I guess makes it not technically generative).
I'm quite intrigued by the colour palette that emerges with this algorithm. In theory, it should be completely random within the RGB colour space, but it seems to favour a kind of green and purple mix (seen full size, this isn't quite so obvious). A future angle will be to favour certain colours, palettes or atmospheres.