15 July 2010


Title: Patterandom Worn Spot 002b
Size: 8200px x 8200px (printed at 150 dpi - 128cm x 128cm)
Method: Javascript scripting in Photoshop
This is the second image used for the "Copying" show in China (with Patterandom Worn Stripe 002j), printed and exhibited in the same way. Although the code loop was run about 1500 times, the one that worked best was a relatively early version - about 200 in.
I'm planning on using Actions less with future algorithms. Although it gives quicker results, it makes running the code much more fiddly on other computers (you have to load the Actions and then run the code). The Patterandom loop also required a Pattern Fill (the basic spot or stripe that was then randomly moved, coloured and so on), which also had to be loaded prior to running the Script. With this sort of design, I'd like the whole thing to be generated by the Javascript in future (or other code).

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